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We decided to clean up and brand ourselves as we want to be preceived by our current and future clients.

As a graphic, digital and marketing agency it is important to stay on the front of the evolution of the services we present to our target group. Therefore, we are always trying to develop and improve our own image as well as our own means to market ourselves.

We present our new website which is built from scratch based on html, css and javascript codes. WeBrand are not the company that goes on templates or like online software that use templates, if the customer demands this of course that is a different story. However, we always try to lead our customer to not demand a template based website. The idea behind this website is to shortly tell you about us, display our team, show you what we have done, see our process of work but also to show some of our most common services. We are very proud over our brand and the people behind it.

It was not only the website that got an upgrade.

Not only did we decide to upgrade and update our website, but also all our current social media and adding a few more to the mix. As well as, the whole image, such as print material, color scheme, marketing strategy, production schedule, structure. Thanks to our beloved CEO and an awesome team we were able to make this happen, with the leadership from our CEO who lead us on the correct path and the brilliant minds and creative hands of the team it all came true. We are not nearly done with implementing the plan and strategy that was done by Henrik Kantola, our CEO. But we are getting there and adding improvements every day. Making out own processes more effective so that our own organization runs more smoothly and efficient.

The look we are going for is very clean, minimalistic, elegant and fancy of course. We want the clients to feel like it is easy to grasp what we are all about and connect with us which ever way the decide to do it. That is why we now have added to our some platform Google plus and Youtube. You will notice that we will become more active on some than ever before, giving you references, useful tips and trix, documentaries and much more. Stay tuned by clicking any of our social media buttons, like, follow and share with everyone!